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Create your PERSONAL & SYSTEMATIC Blueprint of


using “Destiny Science” Chinese Astrology, divination, and Energy Medicine Practice

Branding Your Book Gagan Sarkaria

Curious as to WHAT
this 6000-year old

“Destiny Science” could reveal:
  • About your past?
  • About your parents & siblings?
  • About your career and wealth potential?
  • About your spouse and friends?
  • About your Karmic lessons?
  • About your health and blockages?
  • About your relationships?
  • About your brand colors and business?
  • About your ideal target audience and clients?
  • About your speaking platform?
  • About your book launch?
  • And much more...
Gagan Sarkaria



“Cracking Your SoulCode and MoneyCode” is what I do to soulfully guide you in building YOUR successful business. With soulful alignment through your Life Map, you achieve brilliant breakthroughs! My name is Gagan Sarkaria, and I am an internationally recognized Soulful Mentor & High Achievement Business Coach passionate about Branding & Building Business Beyond Your Talents.

As a soul, branding and money coach, I bring “ambitious clarity”* to determined entrepreneurs to create their extraordinary soul-rich life and business. I create courageous brand visibility and art direct creating online business platforms for my clients to open portals of possibilities for them.

I believe in co-creating miraculous transformations for extraordinary success. Through my soulful mentoring, my clients heal their past, release their books and brands, redefine their present and transform their pain into prosperity! Through my branding & business coaching programs, they gain clarity, confidence and creative paths to build a business beyond their talents ultimately achieving remarkable success!

In business, at the end of the day, it is all about results, and I deliver excellent results in everything that I do. I am committed to offering services and programs that allow you to brilliantly shine in your creative power and build a lucrative business that YOU love!

It’s time to Crack your Soul & Money codes, own and brand your brilliance to build a business beyond your talents.

Sending blessings & brilliance your way!

Love, Gagan
  • >> Ambitious Clarity is having an understanding of clear pathway to your purposeful ambitions in life.
One-on-one (1:1) 90-day Journey


This is a premium package for those who desire to decode the mystery of their destiny to create their PERSONAL & SYSTEMATIC Blueprint of Success. Discover Your LifeMap experience & SOULFUL MENTORING PROGRAM is NOT for everyone.


I believe, not everyone comes into my awareness, and neither do I go into everyone’s awareness zones. Some people come to the fence, they watch, and they never step-in instead choose to make a U-turn and go back to where they have been — to their comfort zone — to struggle and keep on doing what they have been doing. But the ones who listen to their hearts and intuition to take a leap of faith find amazing rewards waiting for them on the other side!


Three months ago, I was in a place of transition but hesitant to take action.

Hearing about the life map reading from a friend, I knew that was what I needed and, indeed, it was! It brought clarity regarding my career and life purpose, family relationships, and health. It also helped to identify areas of my life that needed healing so I could move forward with my life and career. For years, I had felt blocked, lacking self-confidence, and unsure which direction I should go. My health had suffered from stress, anxiety, and depression. With Gagan’s soulful mentoring, healing powers, and ancient wisdom teaching, I was able to heal childhood wounds, overcome anxiety deep within my body, and be able to show up fully present and open to anyone and anything around me. Not only did this help me personally, but it has also catapulted my career. After the life map reading, Gagan helped me build my brand and my business. She and her team designed an award-winning book cover and guided me through each and every step as I re-built myself and my business to the success and good health I have today.

— Mary Lynne Fernandez, Teen-Esteem Expert, Personal Empowerment Coach, #1 Best Selling & Award-winning Author of The Warrior Teenager, Colorado

What is a Life Map Assessment
& Reading?

Life Map Reading is the ancient Science of Zi Wei Dou Shu (ZWDS) Astrology, which is the Chinese mathematical calculative approach to analyzing stars in the sky at the time of your birth to calculate your blueprint of life that sheds light on 12 palaces:

Life or Self, Siblings, Spouse, Children, Wealth, Health, Travel, Friends, Career, Property, Mental or Karma, and Parents.

Discover Your Life Map

using “Destiny Science,” and Energy Medicine Practice

There are 14 major stars that determine the overall destiny of one’s life, and 4 transformational stars called the catalysts (Si Hua) that each attaches to a major star. These transformational stars can bring out the best or worst of a major star. The calculations and predictions can help you gain clarity and likelihood of your highest potential & success in various aspects of your life.

Zi Wei Dou Shu is one of the two major systems of Destiny Science from ancient China. There are two major ZWDS Lineages — Si Hua (The Northern Lineage) and San He (The Southern Lineage). I have learned from Grand Masters belonging to both lineages, and hold professional certification as Si Hua Zi We Dou Shu & Feng Shui Master from The Zi Wei Dou Shu Academy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Based on what Zi Wei Dou Shu reveals, which is individualized information to each client,

  • I create a personalized step-by-step plan to coach & teach!
  • You achieve “Ambitious Clarity,” which is having an understanding of a clear pathway to your purposeful ambitions in life.
  • Together we create your PERSONAL & SYSTEMATIC Blueprint of Success for you to follow.

What is included
in this Premium Package?

One-on-one Life Map Reading includes a full Assessment of your Destiny Code Life Map, Zi Wei Dou Shu Chart, QiMen Destiny Chart, Personal Feng Shui, Forecasting & Energy Work to manifest your success!



Your Zi Wei Dou Shu Life Map Chart + Your QiMen Destiny Chart

Your chart highlights your sectors and decade cycles with age and years.




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Couples or family members get a deep discount.

Note: After the Payment is made, Gagan or someone from her team will contact you to schedule your sessions.


“People toil towards their goals, but Heaven bestows. Every great outcome has to do with that precise moment when the Heaven (Stars), Earth (environment), and Man (the human element) are in accord.”

— Chinese Proverb

I have felt lost for years with no fulfillment in my current job!

Gagan had nudged me a few times to take care of my health as she would intuitively pick up my pain. I even did some healing work with her that gave me immediate relief. Well, health had not been my focus, changing career had been. Therefore, I reached out to Gagan. Her first suggestion was to do my Zi Wei Dou Shu Life Map Reading. I have to say she has revealed information that is so personal to me and hearing her calculations validates that I reached out to the right coach for mentorship! She told me that currently, I am in my “Family and Children’s Sector” and until I focus on my family and health, career shift and entrepreneurship will not thrive. Two days after she did my reading, my fiancé and I found out that we were pregnant. If you are looking for a blueprint to help you navigate through your ups and downs in life, you must reach out to Gagan and get your life map assessment and reading done.

— Abel Zuniga, Texas

How accurate are you in your assessments?

I claim about 80% accuracy in all my readings and clearing work. However, most of my clients attest that I’m 95% to 100% accurate and effective in my work. The only people who can validate the accuracy of my readings and the effectiveness of energy healing work to create energetic shifts and brilliant breakthroughs are the clients themselves. Feel free to explore this page and read the Success Stories or check out video testimonials!

How do you know

what I need to work on, that I need healing or what path I need to follow to build my business?

Your Zi Wei Dou Shu Chart and assessment tells me most of the information. The Energy Clearing Sessions offer more insights. I ask you to validate all information assessed, analyzed, channeled and received. I also have the blessings of my ancestors. I am an intuitive, Claircognizant and receive messages via thoughts or information as an inner-knowing. It’s information downloads that I channel and welcome in my meditative or trance states. This information guides me to be on the right path, and share the insights with you. The rest of the details I calculate, assess, and extract from your Chinese Astrology Chart and your SoulCode.

My giftedness is not only the ability to receive messages, but my zone of soulful genius is also to take what I’m given and assist you in unfolding your success by co-creating miraculous transformations.


“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

— Albert Einstein

I have been an epilepsy patient for 29 years.

I had 2-5 seizures every day. I was sick and tired of medicines with not much improvement. Then I met Gagan. She did two energy healing and intuitive coaching sessions for me. I felt an immediate shift in my state of mind, and health. A week later I enrolled in her soulful mentoring & energy healing private program. In six sessions, I accomplished results that I had not achieved in 20 years. I have gone down to having 1-2 seizures in 7 to 14 days. My neurologist lowered the dosage of my prescription medications. Gagan’s healing and mentoring have brought incredible changes in my life at all levels. Three months into the program, I went three weeks without having a seizure. I am grateful to Gagan for assisting me on my transformational journey to better health. I highly recommend Gagan Sarkaria for her healing and soulful mentoring.

— Mariana Olvera, Texas


I wish I could bottle up all the knowledge and coaching that exists inside of Gagan and drink it regularly.

A dear friend referred me to Gagan. I have been blown away by the accuracy and depth of knowledge that Gagan can communicate in her Zi Wei Dou Shu Life Map readings! She is spot on. She has infused so much confidence and focus in me that I am bouncing off the walls with excitement. Finally, I have a High Achievement Coach who is not only willing to mentor me but dares to stop me from deviating and going in a direction that is not my destiny! I appreciate her and all of her wisdom so much!

— Bobby Lonergan, Texas

What made you become certified in Chinese Astrology and Divination Methodologies?

I was born in India, exposed and trained in many integrative mind, body, soul modalities. Reiki found me and my energy medicine awareness skyrocketed. But I was still not following my true inner calling and was stuck.

Then a few years later, my life — personal and professional, was on a downward-spiral-journey. I was determined and obsessed to achieve success and rebuild my emotional and financial empire. My soul shifted when I was blessed with the opportunity to have my own Life Map Reading with my Master Teacher.

Life Map Reading with Gagan Sarkaria

In 90 days I changed my Karmic debt by consciously working towards creating shifts that many would not be able to even dream of. Well, a part of it worked tremendously well due to my awareness of ancient wisdom and energy healing modalities. I was fascinated with the power of information that one gets from their Chart and how when guided correctly, one could move from “confusion to clarity” and achieve remarkable success. I was determined to share the experience with others and help Transform Lives from Pain Into Prosperity.

My work is remarkable in guiding determined entrepreneurs on how to build their businesses beyond their talents! I have a unique gift to bridge the gap between soul, branding, money, and marketing through Soul Code, Life Map Reading, and Money Code alignments to build your brand, book, and business!

How long

are the blockage or energy clearing sessions?

Anywhere from 45 minutes to 60 minutes. I rarely go beyond an hour in distant clearing work unless I’m doing age regressions and releasing hidden traumas, which would take more time. The session is guided, and the Ascended Masters decide how long it takes. The other big part of this equation is you. Your willingness and commitment to be open to your own healing makes a massive difference in this process.


“The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential... these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.”

— Confucius

About seven years ago I was diagnosed with Scleroderma.

With all the pain and changes in life, I usually only get to sleep for about 4 hours every night. Two weeks ago, I told Gagan about my pain and health-related issues. She did an energy healing session and removed some blockages. I went home and slept for 10 hours, not one but two consecutive nights. I have not felt this relaxed in years. I am super excited and looking forward to receiving coaching and advice from Gagan. I highly recommend her Energy Medicine practice.

— Lilly Witherspoon, Texas

What is Soul Code Activation?

How do I know your soulful mentoring sessions and energy clearings are working?

Crack your Soul Code (click on Soul Code and Money Code to take the quiz) and Money Code, and tell me how much of what you discover resonates with you. If you believe, I was even 60% accurate, take a deeper dive with me to unfold your success. It’s time for Your SoulCode Activation!

When I do your Life Map Reading, you will know where we are headed. The info I share is exclusive to you, your past and destiny. I am able to tap into your pain to then clear the blockages, create a success map for you to follow.


When you start soulful mentoring sessions with me, you will experience soul shifts. My words, wisdom, tools, and technologies will resonate with you, just like how they are resonating with you now. This is why you are here, reading and exploring this section. The fact that you are still reading this, something inside you is pulling you in this direction to get started. That’s your Inner Guide!

You have to experience the journey for yourself. Trust the process! The best way for me to describe is that things begin to happen. When you start walking the right path, The Universe will wink at you. The right people, the right opportunities begin to show up. Your Inner Guide will awaken. My sessions will help you heal faster and allow us to co-create miraculous transformations. Your manifestation powers will be aligned, and your chakras will support the changes. I call this the Soul Code Activation process.

What's next?

What is offered after Discover Your Life Map?

Every client is different, and their needs are different. Your Life Map Reading will tell the next steps. And a game-plan for you to follow. Usually, after all the deliverables for this premium package, you will know the precise direction to follow and what you need next. That is when the next offerings are recommended. If you are getting the reading because you want to build a soulful and remarkable brand and a lucrative business that you love, then you have come to the right place!


“Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is a strength; mastering yourself is true power.”

― Lao Tzu

― Annella Metoyer, #1 Best Selling, and Award-winning Author of Dare To Be The Change, Speaker, and Performance-Improvement Coach, Texas


I recently experienced my first episode of vertigo.

I went to my doctor and got medicine to help provide relief. What I found was that the medication only made my condition worse, it also added side effects that my stomach could not handle. Fortunately, I shared my situation with Gagan after three days of dealing with vertigo and getting worse. She suggested a long distance Energy Healing session. I have never done anything like this but was open to any relief possible. Late on Saturday, Gagan conducted a distant energy healing session for me. She sensed and picked up pain and blockages in my knee, heart chakra, and eyes, and gave me some food for thought that was causing vertigo. The information she revealed was something that I had not shared with her before receiving the healing session. Besides vertigo, my right knee had been bothering me for a few days now, and even though I do not wear any reading glasses, my vision had been blurry. She energetically received all that information while doing the healing session and channeling information to guide me further.

Gagan gave me a perspective and energy to heal much faster without any medication. She made me dig deep and achieve better healing results. The bottom line is that within 4 hours, all the side effects from the western medicine dissipated and in the morning the majority of the vertigo was gone. It was the first day in four days I could function. I cannot explain it how she did it but should it ever happen again, Gagan will be the first person I’ll contact. I cannot thank her enough for the gift that she is to me!

— Dr. Kim Nugent, Texas


Gagan helped coach and heal me during an excruciating time in my life.

I was stuck and unable to move forward. I needed strength, guidance, and healing and that is what she delivered. I was in physical as well as emotional pain and found it extremely hard to focus on my responsibilities. Gagan alleviated my physical pain through her distant energy healing sessions and integrative health practice. Through her intuitive readings, channeling, and infinite wisdom she discovered old wounds and past traumas that I thought I had healed decades ago through other seminars and personal development work. Apparently, I had not healed properly and carried the pain for 47 years.

Gagan’s discovery allowed energetic blockages to be removed so that I could authentically and courageously start to walk my personal journey. She offered me soulful guidance to heal on a deeper level so that I could move past the physical pain to be able to take the next steps in my transformation. I highly recommend her Unfold Your Success programs to people who want to heal and get unstuck in their business or personal affairs. As for me, I needed healing to rid me of my physical and emotional pains, move past my false beliefs and gain clarity. With the new awareness and clarity, my success followed and is continuing to unfold.

— Susie Tremblay-Brown, Califormia


Life Map Reading Journey is a 3-month program with videos, course content, audios and PDF downloads available for you inside Gagan’s brilliantly branded membership site.

You also have a total of 4 one-on-one live soulful mentoring and coaching sessions with Gagan in this program.

This 90-day journey is a soulful experience that awakens your inner guide and helps you identify and create your blueprint of success based on Zi Wei Dou Shu and Qi Men Dun Jia Destiny Charts, Divination and Energy Healing work.

Want to create your

blueprint of success

using “Destiny Science,” and Energy Medicine Practice?

Want to indulge in Soulful Mentoring to Open Portals of Possibilities for yourself?

Then this experience is for you!

Don’t miss out on the limited-time BONUS for brilliant breakthroughs when you Discover Your Soul Code along with Life Map!


Discover Your Full Soul Code | Value $189.


As I journey through life and embrace spiritual transformation, Gagan entered my world to assist me.

After she unveiled my Soul Code and Life Map reading through ancient Chinese astrology I was able to see the timeline and lessons of my life clearly. Looking along the trail of my experiences with the Soul Code reading, I saw the spiritual growth and acceptance of Love that has brought me to my present state of being. With prayerful contemplation I took a quiet breath and brought the Life Map reading with me, as I continued through final stages of transformation into higher vibrations of Love.

Through a long distant energy healing session, Gagan lifted deeply embedded areas of emotional pain to the surface. Offering these past painful memories to the Divine, I was released from the remaining sadness in my life that had imprisoned me for so many years. Through the forgiveness of my past with only loving thoughts to replace the memories, my heart opened for the higher vibrations of Love to enter. After a calm and quiet period of meditation in the midst of the busyness of my world, the next step was to look at my notes on the Money Code archetype reading from Gagan. Reading the information about how I relate to money was not only accurate but also very difficult to hear. As this “love-hate” relationship with money has been a problem throughout my life — pushing money away as quickly as it appears. Now I’m faced with actually dealing with my money issues, but I’m sure that Gagan has a great plan to set into action. As I welcome and embrace the changes in my life, I’m deeply grateful for Gagan’s presence.

Knowing that ‘we go nowhere without taking the hand of our brother,’ I am truly blessed holding Gagan’s hand for inspiration and guidance.

— Trinity Shanshala, South Carolina



Best Value

One-time Payment


Flexible Option

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Easy Option

Three payments of


Couples or family members get a deep discount.

Note: After the Payment is made, Gagan or someone from her team will contact you to schedule your sessions.