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We are all born with a unique passion, purpose, and plan.


Some souls can awaken their inner guide and joyfully live their life in rhythm with their internal and external environments. They are aware of their personal “Wu-Wei” (pronounced as woo-way), which means knowing when to ebb and when to flow. They pursue their journeys and achieve success, and life just unfolds as it is intended to be for their higher purpose!

According to Manusmriti, an ancient Indian scripture, abundance, and prosperity exists or arrives when and where women are honored. This not only means respecting and valuing the women in your lives but it also means acknowledging and accepting the female energy inside you. We all have the male (Yang) and female (Yin) energies inside us! These energies combine to form the vital life-force energy called “Prana” in Sanskrit, “Qi” in Chinese, and “Ki” in Japanese. This is where modalities like Chakra balancing, Aura clearing, Qi-Gong, Tai-Chi, and Reiki come from.

The Chinese have a word for the balanced principle of the universe called the “Tao,” which means “the way.” It is the nature of things, life, and how the life-force energy moves. It is that invisible plan that fuels all growth. There is an elegant system, and symmetry to this way of being, a balance among its diverse movements that allow life to take form in different ways. Tao is also considered to be the balance between the Yin and Yang energies, it is also a balance between the macrocosm and the microcosm — within our external and internal environments — Yun-Qi (Chi).

How Time Affects You?

SoulCode is based on “YOUR DATE OF BIRTH”

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Time & Karma — Two sides of the same coin


You must have heard the saying, “Change is the only thing that is constant.” Actually, change has to do with the element of time. Time is the only thing that does NOT stop for anyone and continuously brings seasons or changes in life. Karma is the other side of the equation or the coin and is neither biased or prejudiced. Karma is neutral and is based on your personal, sometimes your ancestors’, choices and actions that in time produce or result in either rewards or consequences. Karma inherently is neither good or bad.

  • Your date of birth is tied to the wheel (chakra) of time.
  • SoulCode is based on “YOUR DATE O BIRTH and Revealing HOW Time Affects WHO You Truly Are.”
  • To understand the depth, I invite and encouage you to submit your Date of Birth and Crack Your SoulCode below!
Is this you?


  • Do you seek that awareness?
  • Do you know how to “Awaken Your Inner Guide?”
  • Do you crave clarity on your true calling?
  • Do you wish to uncover and unleash your inner champion?
  • Do you desire to align and activate your unique hidden secrets to achieve and manifest your brilliance?

Crack Your


To Discover Your
Success Equation, Click & Enter Your Date of Birth


“Success is 30% ability, and 70% Yun-Chi.”

— Chinese Proverb.

So what is


Yun-Chi is often confused or misinterpreted as ‘luck,’ but it does not mean luck. Yun-Chi is a combination of two Chinese words. Yun means surrounding or encircling, and Chi (Qi) means your vital energy, the aura, or the electromagnetic radiance inside and around you.

As we start to grow and mature, we start “finding ourselves by exploration backed by our desires” but end up wandering around bumping into the walls or falling into ditches. You know what that means, right? Failures devastate us. Challenges frustrate us. But those who continue and keep on seeking finally discover their Soul Code and identify their personal Wu-Wei.

Crack Your


and Achieve
Ambitious Clarity. Click & Enter Your Date of Birth.

What is a


SoulCode is a three-digit number derived from your Date of Birth alone. It is not based on Numerology. The system describes your unique code, design, and secret that you can unlock to open portals of possibilities for yourself. This wisdom and design have its roots in ancient knowledge derived from India, China, and Japan.

Discover Your SoulCode provides a step-by-step framework that allows you to dig deep and understand “how” time affects you. This personal process capitalizes on ancient wisdom and knowledge acquired through generations and includes the uniqueness that will resonate with your soul.



Your first number reveals your overall personality! Your elemental nature and how it affects you. It gives your insights on your thought-processes — what you tend to think about as you go through your day. What you really value and appreciate, your perceptions and underlying behaviors. It can also showcase your challenges or constant struggles, and your personal needs in regards to lifestyle, relationships, and life in general.



Your second number reveals your inner nature, your emotional self or the inner child! It is that part of you that surfaces in response to your feelings and emotional reactions to your life and YUN-QI. This concept comes from the fact that children respond and react purely out of their emotions. This is the space where they live and exist until they start to mature. As an adult, this part of your character is visible only to those who know you really well. Although this side could shine through the cracks to others, giving them some exposure to your different side they could never pinpoint it thoroughly.



Your third number is your outwardly expressed, external number. This number unlocks your Soul Code, unveils your unique hidden nature, and weaves into your other two numbers to create your beautiful design, YOUR SOUL CODE, that is you! Your third number shows how you come across when you meet someone for the first time. It reveals how you do your work in the world — actually it gives insight as to how you do anything, really. I grew up learning from my grandmother, “how you do one thing, you do everything!” — Great ancestral wisdom, right?! The third number is what she was revealing to me.

The third number also gives us insights as to what kind of career paths or tasks to incorporate into your daily routines that might be fulfilling to us in addition to those careers indicated by your first number. It can guide you towards your inner calling.

Greetings beautiful soul,

My name is Gagan Sarkaria.

I bring “Ambitious Clarity”* to determined entrepreneurs who are committed and obsessed with unfolding their success. I guide and assist you to build a business beyond your talents through Soulful mentoring, High Achievement business coaching, and Branding Your Brilliance through visual design. These are the core pillars of my entrepreneurial programs to align your spiritual and financial success.

As a Certified Chinese Astrology Zi Wei Dou Shu, QiMen, and Feng Shui Master, plus as a Certified Energy Healer with an MFA in Visual Communication, an MBA in Management, and a BFA in Graphic Design, I bring to you over 25 years of design and business experience and over 16 years of coaching and soulful mentoring success!

*Ambitious Clarity is having an understanding of a clear pathway to your purposeful ambitions in life.


Praise for

Soul Code

Beautiful & Brilliant

Just Wow! So beautiful. So brilliantly laid out and visually soulfully pleasing. You nailed all elements of your Soul Code announcement — content, interest, opportunity, creativity, etc. — all accentuated by your vulnerability, honesty, reflection, and gratitude. Your product & communication clearly and lovingly displays your heart, soul, talent, and love! So very happy for you and all of your clients. Thank you, for the honor of including me in your Soul Code launch and for your generous gift to us all. Much love!

Blessings, Cheryl
Ps: Sending love and prayers to you, your lovely husband, your children, and your entire extended family and tribe.

Cheryl Chambers
Wellness & Life Coach, Author, Freeport, Bahamas.

Listening to happy music and feeling the freedom

I cracked my Soul Code! Thank you so much. It looks so beautiful and is pretty spot on. Some things resonate back to my childhood. Over the years I hid them away because the world didn’t feel safe. (Like being playful and fun). Now I feel free! My Soul Code content was all pretty accurate!

I was processing a bit after reading it...there is so much information, WOW, you have nailed it. For me, it was a reminder that I had a part of me locked away long ago.
Now after reading your words I’m re-evaluating if I really do embody all it says. 💗💗💗

Holly Buhler
Certified Nutritional Therapist, MO, USA.

Beautiful Platform & Accurate Assessment

My Soul Code reading was spot on! The information is valuable for both personal and business. It helps you understand your behavior from a different perspective. I would highly recommend taking the assessment and continuing the journey with Gagan Sarkaria to fully understand the reading.

Annella Metoyer
Award-winning & Best-Selling Author, Certified Coach & Speaker, Texas, USA.

Through my profound knowledge of the Vedic and Oriental wisdom, I share the secrets of unfolding your success through

your Soul Code discovery.

My personal experiences, failures and frustrations, research on interpersonal and intrapersonal communication, cultural semiotics and mankind’s ability to perceive, act and change led me to develop SoulCode program that is heart-led and evidence-based for achieving inner peace, wellness, and business success.

My professional success stories include client transformations that defy the boundaries of Western medicine, mainstream coaching and consulting. My methodology and approach are deep-rooted in ancient wisdom, reverse-engineered for faster results.


Praise for

Gagan Sarkaria

Gagan is one of the finest, authentic coaches I have encountered.

Gagan is one of the finest, authentic coaches I have encountered. She takes my learning to a higher level with her regular sessions & calls. These calls give me new, cutting-edge tools and techniques, some to implement quickly, and others that need some process on my end first. All give me the opportunity to take my business to the next level. Her Discover Your SoulCode program, high quality of content and her expertise stimulate my creativity, personal growth, and ‘that' is helping me build solid business relationships. Since I am working on my self-mastery, it is helping me develop my competence and confidence so that I can contribute my best to my business success.

Jasmin Kuster,
High-Performance Coach, Santa Clara, CA.

I have been blown away by the accuracy and depth of knowledge that Gagan can communicate in her SoulCode and Zi Wei Dou Shu Life Map Assessments!

I wish I could bottle up all the knowledge and coaching that exists inside of Gagan and drink it regularly. A dear friend referred me to Gagan. I have been blown away by the accuracy and depth of knowledge that Gagan can communicate in her SoulCode and Zi Wei Dou Shu Life Map Assessments! She is spot on. So far her calculations have been very impressive! I keep visualizing it all happening. She has infused so much confidence and focus in me that I am bouncing off the walls with excitement. Finally, I have a High Achievement Business Coach who is not only willing to mentor me but dares to stop me from deviating and going in a direction that is not my destiny! I appreciate her and all of her wisdom so much!

Bobby Lonergan,
CPC, A husband, father, and Talent Coach for the Millennials, Dallas, TX, USA.

Gagan is a true healer and a transformational coach

I have found the experience of working with Gagan Sarkaria to be remarkably transformational. She is amazingly authentic, and that cannot be manufactured. I am forever grateful to be on this journey of higher consciousness, wellness, prosperity, and achievement for myself with Gagan as my coach.

Gagan is a true healer and a transformational coach. I highly recommend her high achievement coaching, and soulful programs to people who want to heal and get unstuck in their business or personal affairs. As for me, I needed healing to rid me of my physical and emotional pains, move past my false beliefs and gain clarity. With the new awareness and clarity, my success followed and is continuing to unfold.

Susie Tremblay-Brown,
PR Specialist & A Single-mom, California, USA.

As I journey through life and embrace spiritual transformation, Gagan entered my world to assist me

As I journey through life and embrace spiritual transformation, Gagan entered my world to assist me. After she unveiled my Soul Code and Life Map Reading through ancient Chinese astrology I was able to see the timeline and lessons of my life clearly. Looking along the trail of my experiences with the Soul Code reading, I saw the spiritual growth and acceptance of Love that has brought me to my present state of being. With prayerful contemplation, I took a quiet breath and brought the Life Map reading with me, as I continued through the final stages of transformation into higher vibrations of Love.

Through a long distant energy healing session, Gagan lifted deeply embedded areas of emotional pain to the surface. Offering these past painful memories to the Divine, I was released from the remaining sadness in my life that had imprisoned me for so many years. Through the forgiveness of my past with only loving thoughts to replace the memories, my heart opened for the higher vibrations of Love to enter. After a calm and quiet period of meditation in the midst of the busyness of my world, the next step was to look at my notes on the Money Code archetype reading from Gagan. Reading the information about how I relate to money was not only accurate but also very difficult to hear. As this “love-hate” relationship with money has been a problem throughout my life — pushing money away as quickly as it appears. Now I’m faced with actually dealing with my money issues, but I’m sure that Gagan has a great plan to set into action. As I welcome and embrace the changes in my life, I’m deeply grateful for Gagan’s presence.

Knowing that ‘we go nowhere without taking the hand of our brother,’ I am truly blessed holding Gagan’s hand for inspiration and guidance.

Trinity Shanshala, South Carolina
ER & Critical Care Nurse, South Carolina, USA.

Crack Your


To Discover Your
Success Equation, Click & Enter Your Date of Birth.